My background, inspiration, and a small explanation of a few of my baked staples.

I grew up in Lyon, a city that is blessed with produce of unequaled freshness and a reputation for being at the epicenter of French gastronomy. I draw of lot of my experience and all the techniques i know from watching my mother and grandmother in the kitchen who tirelessly, day after day, made dishes that are only being served on special occasions these days.Make it fresh was the motto and almost everything was made without following a recipe, as both seem to be living encyclopedias of cooking from south eastern France and burgundy, where my grandmother is native from.I always found it fascinating that they would transform basic ingredients into something of a treat for the sense, and sure enough, i follow in the footsteps of their culinary inspiration, adding my personal touch. I focused on sweet and savory baking because i find the aromas filling the kitchen the most rewarding – baking has added magic to cooking in my opinion, or is it nostalgia, knowing that something is baking in the oven for a special occasion?Week ends were days waited for with much anticipation for me as there was almost always a sweet tart on Saturday, and a cake, or pastries for Sunday lunch – either home made or from the patisserie. I always marveled at the sweet creations gracing the shop windows of our city patisseries and always was spending a lot of time creating cakes in my head because i didn’t have the means of having a food lab all for myself back then!
So when i decided this many years later that it was time to finally starting to do what i liked for a living, it’s been a great experience to see people’s face lighting up when trying the
samples. I simply get great satisfaction out of it.
A lot of what i do is classic French, but i like to add my personal touch to a sweet or savoury tart by adding or pairing flavors in a way that may be not totally surprising to most but certainly adding an extra depth of flavour that would not be expected at first. One layer hides another. I don’t like to water down ingredients either to make it more acceptable to local standards as i believe it dilutes taste and finally makes the product irrelevant and not worthy of its original taste.
About my bakes:

My chocolate tarts:

I bake with 70% dark baking chocolate at least, but i strive to bake with 74% almost most of the time.
Baking chocolate and/or solid blocks of chocolate contain cocoa butter, an essential component that enriches the taste like no coco powder will – because cocoa butter is removed from it.
I believe baking with powdered chocolate dilutes flavours, aromas, resulting in a lesser experience for the senses when tasting.
I want my customers to enjoy a chocolate for its freshness and flavours, not the additional junk that plagues most commercial products. Have you ever looked at the absolutely non essential ingredients added to a lot of patisseries in most supermarkets? In real home-made baking, more is less.

My love for dark chocolate tarts doesn’t just stops here. I am always on the lookout for new flavour combinations. My signature chocolate tart is the lemon-chocolate tart. Everybody knows the classics like chocolate and orange or chocolate and raspberry. But lemon? A lot of people do say ‘what an unusual combination, i don’t know if this will work for me’- i always hand over a sample and the answer is most unanimously, ‘yes, it does work!’. I have had customers coming back for some more the very same day. Yes, it is that lovely!
It has a baked layer of intense lemon curd underneath the rich dark chocolate ganache.

I like to pair chocolate with spices, fruits, and sometimes scents. I have a simple looking chocolate tart, but no one would know until biting into it that it is flavoured with lavender – yes lavender. Another wonderful combination.
A simple caramelized pistachio topping works wonders too, nuts and chocolate? Of course, a classic chocolate bar combination, but in a tart? Absolutely. With a generous amount of it!

Because i use dark chocolate as a standard, but milk and white is of course available. I will occasionally do a white ganache chocolate tart and raspberries, or a milk chocolate ganache tart on demand. I am however more than happy to make them for special orders, to satisfy my customers desire for maybe more adventurous or different tastes!

There’s no shortage of daring flavour pairing or combination in my dark chocolate tarts. I love creating new recipes almost on a weekly basis, and you must have understood by now tthat the whole premise is that i am avidly creating on the base of solid classic French tarts, adding a little ‘je ne sais quoi” to these classic recipes!

My other tarts:
Be it fruit, nuts, there’s always a combination of flavours that make it a success. One has to have a good idea of what ingredients to use though, and this is where i come in! If you browse my picture gallery, you’ll soon find out that no matter how good these sweet creations you saw or had the pleasure of having in that amazing french bakery were, you’ll not find my creations in these shops.

There’s a  choice of three fillings, on a bed of apple compote, creme patissiere or baked frangipane.

I also cater for private parties, i am more than happy to create especially for you, with any flavours and textures you may have in mind. I can help with creating the perfect flavour combo for all your dessert needs.


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